Whenever a tabletop shot tells a story, lighting can help set the tone. A lighting design that includes LightBreak can easily complement the dark and complex nature of a war story. An 18x24 LEAVES pattern and a 650 watt fresnel produce the dappled light that creates the mood for this image. Hampshire Frost in a gel frame placed within inches of the fresnel lens slightly softens the shadows created by the pattern.

Putting diffusion close to the fresnel lens will have the least amount of impact on shadow density and falloff. As diffusion is moved away from the light, its effect is more apparent. Use very light diffusion to soften shadows created by LightBreak patterns. Hampshire Frost and Opal at different distances from the fresnel lens will create dramatic changes in the characteristics of the shadows created by LightBreak patterns.

A 300 watt fresnel bounced off of a mirror creates a small highlight on the Southern Cross in the foreground. This is the only other light used in this setup. A small bounce card provides a minimal amount of fill light. The upper right and lower left edges of the picture were darkened in post production to add emphasis to the veteran's portrait however the 650 watt fresnel and the LightBreak pattern provide the greatest impact.

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