Occasionally an ENG shot will have the perfect circumstances to make a very attractive image. That is the case in this shot which combines a beautiful location with a photogenic interviewee to create a picture that is worth a second look. LightBreak patterns are used three different ways to enhance this image:
LightBreak combines with window light to create a background that is both interesting and natural looking. A 12x18 Frozen Shards pattern clipped to the barndoors of a 650 watt fresnel creates dappled light on the back wall. The broken light is both more interesting and more natural looking than an evenly lit background would be.
A 12x18 Lightning pattern clipped to the barndoors of a 300 watt fresnel adds subtle highlights to the subject's black jacket. A special on a dark jacket can often look unnatural. In this case, the broken light restores detail without drawing attention to itself.

Two 18x24 Tiles patterns are actually in the shot. They are taped to the windows above the subject's head. LightBreak is a refinement of traditional grip gear and can take lighting design in new directions. The patterns used in this shot create impact in three different ways. LightBreak's versatility encourages creativity and is a valuable ally on the set.

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