The feature film Kerouac includes a stylized sequence that demonstrates the frenetic pace at which Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road. Kerouac used a scroll in his typewriter in order to capture uninterrupted his inspired stream of consciousness. The sequence is shot entirely in close-up with Kerouac himself doing the voiceover. The director wanted to create a look distinctly different from the historical footage included in the film and the dramatic recreations of Kerouac and his peers.

The shots above are lit by a 1K fresnel passing through two 18x24 LEAVES patterns that are set about one foot apart. Separating the patterns creates shadows of varied sharpness and density. A 300 watt fresnel bounced into a small white card provides some top backlight. A net behind the lens interacts with the broken light to add soft glows.

Because of the limited size of the subject in most tabletop shots, lighting variations must be sized appropriately. In this case the cinematographer chose LEAVES because it is one of the more texturized patterns. Using two patterns reduced the size of the breakup even further. This made it possible to create several levels of brightness within the limited area of the typewriter's keyboard.

LightBreak patterns come in a variety of densities and textures. You can combine patterns to create additional texture. This is particularly helpful on tabletop shots where distances are measured in inches and millimeters.

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