Tabletop shots often have very limited areas within which to create lighting variation. In this case, the keypad, the phone itself and the background provide opportunities to introduce style. Two different LightBreak patterns are used in this shot: Oval Grad on the background and Branches on the keypad and phone.

The background is the easiest to control because it is large, flat and isolated. An Oval Grad pattern is used to provide a halo for the product. A 1K fresnel shoots through a 24x36 Oval Grad pattern from behind a roll of white seamless. The pattern is projected through the seamless and reads nicely on the opposite (product) side. A piece of Opal Tough Frost is clipped onto the barndoors of the light in order to smooth the light to dark transition.

The keypad and telephone are lit by an 18x24 Branches pattern and a 650 watt fresnel. A flag chops light from the bottom edge of the phone while a double net acts as a top chop. Hampshire Frost is used on the barndoors of the light to take the edge off of the shadows. The Hampshire Frost causes light to dark transitions to occur more gradually. The overall impact is a distinctive yet restrained style.

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