The intensity of a craftsman practicing his trade is evident in his face. The woodworker's shop is distinctly visible in this slightly moody shot but his face is clearly the focus (both literally and figuratively) of the image.

Two LightBreak patterns combine to set a tone for this shot. The woodworker is lit by a 5K fresnel through a 24x36 frame containing both a Mosaic and a Shards pattern. Shadows are lightly softened by adding a piece of Hampshire Frost to the barndoors of the 5K.

Additionally, an 18x24 Zig Zag pattern adds subtle texture to the background by breaking up the light from a baby junior.

An often heard complaint from directors looking for style in their productions is that the lighting is too flat. LightBreak makes it easy to add style to lighting design while helping you set the tone of a shot. By selectively choosing lit and unlit areas, you can focus attention and help tell your story.

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