Sometimes subtlety has no place in a lighting design. The outrageous subject in this image is matched by similarly bold lighting. Colored light projected throuh two LightBreak patterns converge behind the model.
Two 2K fresnels matched with two 2x3 LIGHTNING patterns create distinctly sharp shapes to complement the hard edged tone of the image.
Additional texture is added to the picture by lighting the model with a 5K fresnel through a third 2x3 LIGHTNING pattern on an open frame. Opal Tough Frost is also attached to the frame to smooth light to dark transitions. You can see the variation that this ctes on the left side of the frame on the modelÍs pants and arm. LightBreak patterns are not just for backgrounds. They add additional texture when subjects are keyed through them. This works particularly well for shots that are more stylized or dramatic. Additionally, you can use this same technique to add subtle variations to part of a subject who is lit more traditionally. For instance, you can bring out the detail on a dark jacket without being obvious by adding a small amount of textured light to it.
(See Examples: Backgrounds: Synergy)

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