The long wall and bank of elevators behind the security guard in this spot adds depth to the 24p HDTV image and provides a sense of scale. The wall is lit by a 1200 watt HMI fresnel passing through a 2x3 SHARDS pattern. Without a generator, a 1200 watt fresnel (a somewhat undersized instrument for the job) was the largest light on the set. SHARDS was chosen because it is a fairly open pattern that adds complexity without blocking a lot of light. This helps create a wide contrast range.

The pattern is clipped onto a standard 24x36 open frame that is mounted on a C-stand. The C-stand holds the pattern approximately two feet in front of the light. The combination of the size of the pattern (24x36), the size of the source (10 inch fresnel lens) and the distance from the pattern to the light (two feet) creates fairly soft shadows on the wall approximately 18 feet from the pattern..

The shadows created by the SHARDS pattern give the wall added dimension by creating adjacent areas of varying light intensity. An evenly lit wall provides few clues to the viewer about depth. Flat lighting a large part of the frame results in an image that seems two dimensional. The simple addition of one LightBreak pattern creates an image that is more interesting with more apparent depth.

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